Yunex Traffic's future developmentstrategies and goals in China

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Q1: Business and operation of Yunex Traffic

Fred Kalt (Yunex Traffic Mananging Director Aisa-Pacific): Yunex Traffic,a former Siemens company is active in China since many decades already,but we are existing since more than hundred years in the field of Intelligent traffic systems.We are since two years on our own not belonging to Siemens anymore,but doing the business as Yunex Traffic.

In China,we are serving the market already since at least 30 years in this field.Globally,we are quite active in all over the world.We have strong activity in Europe, America, and Australia and the focus area for us is in China and Southeast Asia.So Yunex Traffic has a very unique position nowadays we have the the honor and the pleasure to serve the entire scope of ITS technology wise starting from the field,from the equipment which you can see here in our exhibition to the middle layer where we talk about vehicle to infrastructure, vehicle to X and also on the top level on our traffic management platform and even beyond on the platform for traffic systems and traffic installations,so all this is combined and we are doing China. So we are the company who can serve our UK technology which is called SCOOT and Fusion,but also our Australian technology which is called SCATS from Sydney. Both systems are actively utilized in China

Q2:What solutions and innovations do Yunex Traffic showcase in the Chinese market?

Fred Kalt (Yunex Traffic Mananging Director Aisa-Pacific):Here at the exhibition at the ITS World Congress, we are representing what we can offer to our customers which are mainly authorities on a global scale but for China.Especially we are proud to show latest innovations which we have done specifically for China.So we are starting on the simulation in prediction which is here our colleagues, our subsidiary Aimsun.They actually take data from historical data but also from actual real time data,and they are do modeling to understand how the traffic should look like.

We are also using those data to predict traffic so how will the traffic look like in the next 15 minutes,30 minutes or one hour based on that we will take this information to the traffic control system.For those control system,you need the traffic controller being installed on the intersection so we here we have several solutions for China especially we launched here yesterday.

A new product which we developed for China we call it the Provident.The Provident is a controller which is fulfilling all standards based on the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS)

but it has a lower, smaller cabinet. It is made specially for the environment in China and therefore quite competitive with full blown functionality.Furthermore we have here on our side the MCU-7,so about 20 years ago when I lived in China,we started to develop our multiple control units with our team from scratch.And today it is a fast sold controller and the largest controller in our portfolio and we are very proud to launch that we have the latest generation on display here

today.Furthermore we also have a V2X solution in Chongqing we are running a center of competence together with all our colleagues we are developing latest solutions to connect vehicle to everything vehicle-to-infrastructure vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to curb what we are combining and you could also see this on real traffic platform which we are showing here in Suzhou,which we have done together with our local colleagues into creating everything I said so far into the local system.

Q3 : What products and solutions Yunex Traffic present at this event and what stood out as highlights?

Fred Kalt (Yunex Traffic Mananging Director Aisa-Pacific):Today we are in Suzhou,Suzhou is hosting the ITS World Congress 2023.Last year it was in Los Angeles.The year before it was in Hamburg.And before COVIDS, it was in Singapore.Now, it's in Suzhou.Suzhou is a unique position to show what is possible,so we are proud to be an important partner of the Traffic Department in Suzhou,providing our solutions like Aimsun the mobility modeling and simulation platform.

We also have our solution for urban traffic control UTC and SCATS.All of these being implemented here on top of this we have a platform developed for the customers in Suzhou showing the world what can be done in China,on the showcase of Suzhou.

Q4:The progress ofYunex Traffic's involvement in ITS projects in Suzhou over the past decade

Fred Kalt (Yunex Traffic Mananging Director Aisa-Pacific):I personally have been on many ITS World Congresses.So starting in Beijing,when I lived in Beijing and ending today in Suzhou.This is the second time the ITS World Congresses is happening in China.As everybody was expecting it's a perfectly organized world congress,it's a very very well visited world congress and the exhibition you can see here in the exhibition hall is definitely outstanding.But even more important than that,the congress has a vast number of executive sessions and technical sessions

I moderated one today.Yesterday I was a speaker at one executive session talking about Singapore and it's really impressive how many technical and strategic exchanges are happening

while we are here at this conference.So I have a very good impression and I am looking forward for the next one to come to China.

Q5:What are your initial impressions and expectations for this conference?

Fred Kalt (Yunex Traffic Mananging Director Aisa-Pacific):I mentioned already that I lived with my family in China from 2004 to 2009 to prepare for the Olympics,so I had the really  honor to see

how China developed at that time from bicycle-dominated transportation into car-dominated transportation,and that's a huge development,and China did it so fantastically.Suzhou is a great example.But Beijing was amazing to see how public transport metro systems have been developed over the years to cope with the development of the population,and with the development of the vehicle population in the city.China has definitely achieved a lot over the last 20 years.I have visiting China a lot and it still not at the end,especially when we talk about technology at the first time it was just about traffic lights people had to be trained how to behave

on the traffic lights. There were people still knowing should I stop on red should I stop on green, this was really the case.And now we are not even giving this decision to the people, to the driver.We are working together with the government here that technology will assist our drivers

vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communication,so that it is from the old days we have to adjust the traffic light into autonomous vehicle solution and this is really amazing over 20 years.China is leading in electric vehicles nowadays,but also on self driving vehicles,so outstanding development over last 20 years and the future is not even there

Q6:What are the differences and areas for learning in China's ITS compared to other countries?

Fred Kalt (Yunex Traffic Mananging Director Aisa-Pacific):China has a lot to offer not only a market 1.4 billion people are potential customers.but also brain, knowledge, experience, What we see here in China is really an opportunity to invest.We are proud to have invested in our center of competence for V2X and 5G in Chongqing and are growing up our workforce and getting those workforce is really the biggest advantage we can get in China.compared to other parts in the world.

Q7:Yunex Traffic's future development strategies and goals in Chinae

Fred Kalt (Yunex Traffic Mananging Director Aisa-Pacific):Strategically.China will play an important if not even the most important role for future growth.Even though we were part of Siemens for more than hundred years and now as Yunex for 30 years.We believe that the future development will grow in further.Strategically also investments are being made away only from the traffic control system into a holistic traffic operation connecting all the dots which will allow us to live in sustainable cities, livable cities no congestion autonomous vehicle but mainly environmental friendly.So our strategy is clear as a company to help developing our partners, our customers into a sustainable livable environment.

Fabian Seelinger(Managing Director Finance Asia Pacific):I'm very excited to be here in Suzhou for the congress and I'm looking forward to all the opportunities that we are seeing here in the next couple of years in China.

Dan Youngman (ATC-CEO):Hi .I'm Dan Youngman from ATC in Sydney Australia,great to be here in China for the ITS World Congress 2023 help support our mother company Yunex Traffic.We're also here to launch our new ATC Provident traffic suit Controller has been specifically designed for the Chinese market cost effective and I hope we do well with it in China.We are also here representing SCATS software selling to the Chinese market.It's in the two hundred cities around the world and we have to expand it further in China.First of all, I am very pleased to participate in this ITS World Congress.Yunex Traffic brought brand new products to this conference including UTC, ATC, V2X, Aimsun, traffic simulation and a full product line.

Yang Dakai(Yunex Traffic Managing Director China):Hope to work together with more domestic partners to contribute to the development of ITS,and looking forward to the wonderful life brought by ITS.

Wu Xiaodan (Managing Director Finance China):We are glad to participate in the ITS World Congress and hope that our business will have a better development in China.



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